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Discovery engine for spoken word audio


We make audio easy to search, discover, and share -- for content creators, producers, distributors, and networks.


Full content search for libraries, series, and episodes

We structure and index audio libraries in order to make audio as searchable as text - both for content owners and their audiences. Our Search API enables full content search across libraries, series, and episodes.



Cost and time savings for your organization

Snackable’s automatic, AI-driven technology and tools free up your editorial and product resources.



Artificial intelligence powered technology to revolutionize your audio

Snackable’s technology is cloud based, scalable and reliable. Our proprietary cutting edge AI technology enables you to automatically:

  • Digitize audio libraries

  • Enable powerful search that finds keywords, phrases, names and more

  • Extract the most relevant and interesting segments from any audio file to create “snacks,” your audio equivalent of highlight reels