Audio is on a historic growth tear. More people are listening to podcasts than ever before. “Voice-first” ecosystems like Amazon’s Alexa are proliferating our homes, cars, phones and ears.

Audio content however remains notoriously difficult to discover and engage with. Unlike visual media, you cannot browse easily. The common podcast format remains optimized for a suburban hour-long commute and doesn’t reach us in bite-sized “in between” moments of our days.

This new “voice first” world creates new demands for how users consume audio - in shorter bites, on the go, in highly personalized ways. The libraries of media companies are vast and full of interesting audio content. But it’s not reaching consumers effectively. Resources are limited to create new formats that meet these emerging needs.

Here’s where we come in. Snackable taps artificial intelligence to solve this problem at scale. We use proprietary, advanced machine learning and natural language processing to analyze audio and make it discoverable. By doing so, we enable content owners and distributors automatically create new content formats and personalized listening experiences for the emerging tastes and audiences.



We’re here to make audio as discoverable as text or images. By deeply analyzing and structuring audio content, we create new ways to engage with audio. We unlock the vast, rich audio libraries and connect the content with consumers craving to be informed, entertained and educated in ways that fit their busy mobile lifestyles. Welcome to the future of audio.



We're deeply experienced in solving problems for the “voice-first” world, at the intersection of audio, content and technology. We’ve built a proactive voice assistant who informs and entertains you at just the right time, then made that assistant literally whisper in your ear by integrating it into a pair of smart earbuds. We've cracked advanced machine learning problems to draw new insights from audio content. We’ve built scalable cloud based systems to deliver products for the Fortune 500 and high growth startups alike.


Mari Joller

Founder & CEO



Johnny Groat

Founding Engineer



Ottokar Tilk

Machine Learning Engineer



Alex Tkachenko

Machine Learning Engineer