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Snackable makes audio discoverable, creating new listening experiences and revenue streams


Transform audio content discovery and engagement 

Snackable’s powerful audio search makes your content easy to find via keywords, phrases, names and other metadata. Enable your users to sample content via short “snacks” - like highlight reels for your audio files.



Reach new audiences with new content formats and listening experiences

Snacks are easy to share and embed in 3rd party ecosystems. Bring new people into your ecosystem by enabling your users to easily share snack-sized highlights of their favorite audio or selling "snacks" as ads.



Unlock new revenue streams from existing libraries

Snackable’s technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create new listening experiences from your libraries. Monetize users via Snackable’s search, "snacks" and create entirely new audio experiences for the "voice-first" ecosystems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.



Cost and time savings for your organization

Snackable’s automatic, AI-driven technology and tools free up your editorial and product resources.



Artificial intelligence powered technology to revolutionize your audio

Snackable’s technology is cloud based, scalable and reliable. Our proprietary cutting edge AI technology enables you to automatically:

  • Digitize audio libraries

  • Enable powerful search that finds keywords, phrases, names and more

  • Extract the most relevant and interesting segments from any audio file to create “snacks,” your audio equivalent of highlight reels