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Discovery engine for spoken word audio


We make audio easy to search, discover, and share—for content creators, producers, distributors and networks.

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Full content search for libraries, series, and episodes

We structure and index audio libraries in order to make audio as searchable as text - both for content owners and their audiences. Our Search API enables full content search across libraries, series, and episodes.

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Standardized metadata for audio

Enhance your audio content visibility on and off the platform with a standardized metadata portfolio. Snackable automatically equips each audio file with text transcripts and rich tags.

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Automated preview “snacks” for social sharing

Create new monetizable content with minimal incremental production. Our AI technology selects the most important parts of your long-form audio and stitches them together into “snacks”—smart highlight reels.

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Seamless content management on one platform

  • Upload or download audio files from your library

  • Search and manage files

  • Generate and download metadata

  • Create sharable audio with AI-generated snacks

via the Snackable Customer Portal.


Unlock your audio with Snackable’s AI-powered audio discovery engine

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